I Wanna Live

I Wanna Live Role: Gameplay Programmer/ Game Designer

October 2019

Download this game here.  The project is here. The code of this game is here.

It is a personal project done by myself. The game was implemented using Unity Engine and C#.

I Wanna Live is a 2D, platform game. There is a total of 3 levels. For each level, there are different traps and players could also unlock special movement later in the level.

As a gameplay programmer, I implemented basic game logic, player movement, and all the traps design. As a game designer, I designed the levels and paid attention to the interest curve to gradually give players new abilities and challenges gradually throughout the game.
Challenge: For Level 3, I really want to create something unique so I want to combine minesweeper with the platform game. However, it adds a lot of complexity to the level design to make it work.
Solution: I drew out the map on the paper and find my friends to let them figure out where are all the bombs. Then I kept finalizing the map and implemented it into the game. After that, I found more playtesters testing out the game and see how they felt about the game.