Neverever Dungeon

Neverever Dungeon Role: Gameplay Programmer/ Game Designer

August 2019

Download this game here.  The project is here. The code of this game is here.

It is a personal project done by myself. The game was implemented using Unity Engine and C#.

Neverever Dungeon is a 2D, roguelike game. You can choose between different characters with different abilities. The level is auto-generated, no one could predict what does the next level look like. There are also item rooms and weapon rooms to gear up the character.

Challenge: I want to create something unique that could help me design the level instead of me doing them all manually. So I need to come up with a way of auto-generating the game levels for me.
Solution: After trying different design ideas. I settled down to an idea like this. I first decide how many rooms I want for this level. Then I wrote a random position generator by randomly choosing either go up, down, left, or right without repetition. And then, I decided to draw the outlines for the rooms. So what I did is to see for the current room, check whether there are rooms around it. According to the result, choose the most suitable outline for the current room. For example, if there is a room in which we want to decide what outline to give, and say there is a room above it and another room on his left. In this case, I will choose an outline where there is an empty spot on its top and left border to leave it for the doors.