Magic Hanzi

Magic Hanzi Role: Gameplay Programmer/ Game Designer

June 2019

Download this game here.  The project is here. The code of this game is here.

It is a side project done by Tianyi Cao and me. The game was implemented using Unity Engine and C#.

The culture of Chinese characters is vast and profound. Even a simple radical meaning “Gate” as a character can be combined with other different characters to form new characters. In this game, the player will play a protagonist who holds the radical meaning “Gate” and obtains other Chinese characters and combines with gate to generate new Chinese characters. Players will use these Chinese characters to fight enemies or solve puzzles. Different players will respond differently to the same puzzle or enemy. Let’s explore new ways to solve puzzles and fight together!

The main implementation of the game is the combination of Unity engine and C# script. By learning and using the powerful physics simulation, animation, and simple particle system that comes with the Unity engine, we build a RPG framework. And we also use the powerful performance of C# to build a basic RPG logic.
In this game, you will see a shopping system, a dialog system, a quest system, a save and load system, and a battle system. For the battle, it is the classic Japanese style turn base design. The order will be determined by level, agility, and several other parameters. For the actual combat, the spell you can cast is determined by the combination of Chinese characters where you can collect them by doing quests, buying in a shop, and defeating the boss.