Computer Animation

Computer Animation Programmer

June 2020

The source code is here.

It’s a course project at UCSD done by myself. It is purely implemented in C++.

The first part is a cloth simulation. The top of the cloth is fixed, and the rest of the cloth will react realistically to different wind speeds.

The second part is a fluid simulation using SPH Algorithm. All the fluid particles are held within a container at first. And when the container shrinks and expands, the fluid particles will behave the same way as a fluid with a given viscosity value. In the end, when the container is no longer there, the particles will behave like a water splash effect.
For the SPH algorithm, the fluid volume is discretized by particles. And each particle contains certain property. When doing calculations on different properties, it takes a weighted average of particle values within a certain neighbourhood area.
The rest is in a sequel, with a skeleton import function at first, and then add skin later on. In the end, do animations on different joints on their degree of freedoms.