Star Fantasy

Star Fantasy Role: Gameplay Programmer/ Game Designer

March 2019

Play this game WebGL at here.  The project is here. The code of this game is here.

It is a side project done by Tianyi Cao and me as a team of 2 for the 2019 Trainjam. The game was implemented using Unity Engine and C# and finished within 2 days on a train without the internet.

The theme of the 2019 Trainjam is “Circuitous”. And since we have only 2 days and 2 people in a team. We decide to do a classic 2d arcade game so we can finish the project. And the approach we used to reflect the theme is through stories and the bullets in our game.  

Challenge: No internet and short time.
Solution: First, we tried our best to keep our scale doable. However, without any internet connections and search engines, I have to read through the documentation to solve the problems I met during the game implementation. Still, there are some functionalities that I wanted to create could not be found on the documentation. In the end, I had to compromise and cut some of them out so we could finish it before the deadline. Still, official documents are far more informative than I thought it was. Originally I used Google far more than official documents. However, I will try to read through the official documents more carefully when I meet a problem in future.